Private Institutional Brokerage

Direct STP Liquidity  to tire 1 banks around the world for super fast execution.

No Virtual dealer or any manipulation tools just direct price action.

Who are we?

Palmetto Brothers sets high standards for its services: quality is decisive for us and our customers. Financial services require versatility of thought and unified policy of business principles. Our thought process is what we trade with is what we give our customers.

Our mission: to satisfy the demands of the market and the investment objectives of the clients.

Risk warning: operating on products with margin implies a high level of risk.


Fair , reliable and serious

Operating with Palmetto means operating with a fair and accredited broker.

All customers enjoy the same fair and ethical trading conditions, regardless of the value of their net capital, the size of their investments or their types of accounts .

Palmetto offers a fair and reliable trading experience by pursuing a strict policy without re-qualifications and rejections.

In addition, 99.35% of all trading orders are executed in less than one second, without re-qualifications and without rejections.

Our business model is based on the firm conviction that forex execution is everything.

At Palmetto, customer funds are our top priority.

In the meantime, all clients benefit from the protection against negative balance , so they are never at risk of losing more than what is in their account balance.

Why choose Palmetto Brothers Capital?

Palmetto encourages the development of a sustainable workforce across a wide variety of cultures and addresses their needs taking into account cultural, national, ethnic and religious diversity. Our advanced trading platforms and flexible trading conditions adapt to a wide variety of global clients. Our experience is based on a broad knowledge of global financial markets. We are dedicated to offering superior services in currency trading, as well as CFDs, stock indices, precious metals and energy.

The operational philosophy that we follow is simple: to ensure customer satisfaction and earn their loyalty. Our reputation is linked to our credibility, both as a result of our ability to serve clients in the way they expect and deserve. By studying industry trends and keeping up to date with the latest technologies, we are ready to adapt the needs of our clients as they become more sophisticated and demanding. We have never made commitments with factors that may affect the performance of the clients, and that is the reason why we offer tight spreads and the best execution.